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Having been relegated to working from home during the pandemic, I’ve been looking at more opportunities to get out. I live further away from the city, so most locations require commuting. Driving a car for these felt unnecessary, while transit is time-consuming. After reading about eBikes recently, I pulled the trigger. It has bridged the gap between biking, driving, and transit for me.

Service Codex

I recently picked up the Cocktail Codex. The book outlines how there are only six families of cocktails: the old-fashioned, martini, daiquiri, sidecar, whisky highball, and flip. This got me thinking - are there similar templates for services?

Upgrading a 2010 PC

Mid way through my first semester, I decided to build a gaming PC. While building my own PC likely wasn’t cheaper, I enjoyed the flexibility they could offer. This post walks through how I upgraded the system over the years.

Repurposing a Six Year Old Kindle

Last year, I upgraded to one of the newer Kindles. My 2012 Kindle Touch was starting to show its age. However, since the display was still functional, I was interested in seeing if I could repurpose it.


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