Some of the talks I've presented.

I believe there's a lot of overlap in software, so I hope you'll learn from some of the work here. Conferences are also a great opportunity to learn from others and meet new people.

Persistent Queues with Tape

Droidcon NYC 2016

The best apps don't make users wait. They dispatch tasks to the background. Offloading tasks to the background is a great way to simulate the feeling of responsiveness. But processing background tasks can be tricky. What happens if the device runs out of battery? What if the network is down? Persisting to disk helps you handle such edge cases. Enter Tape, a collection of queue related classes.

Android Testing 2.0

Droidcon Montreal 2015

Build a toolset to help you write rock-solid apps.

Android Apps with Gradle

GDG Edmonton 2014

See some of the features of the Android plugin for Gradle in action.